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About me

Welcome to my World…

For me, this blog is like a virtual online playground where I can write about all animals; the creatures that walk on 2 legs, and (of course) those that walk on 4. I hope you will read about the many varied experiences that I have had in over a decade of rescue work since founding ROLDA (read more about it)It’s my way of sharing with our supporters what daily life with our beloved dogs at ROLDA is like. I’ll share the happy stories, those that are sad, and some that may even (hopefully) make you laugh. There is never a dull moment at our shelters here in Galati, and around the world for our international team of volunteers.

I hope this will help you to better understand the challenges facing ROLDA, how important our work is for the animals and the poor people in Romania; the dedication and passion of the many caring individuals who make ROLDA’s rescue efforts possible. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to join us? Maybe become a ROLDA volunteer or an Ambassador in your own country! We always need help, ideas, and support; together we are stronger; we will save more lives. Innocent lives that are so often cut short, and end in misery.

You’ll also get my opinions on different topics, sometimes even politics or sport. I may go on at length about football (you will detect that I’ve got a soft spot for certain teams), but I won’t pretend to be an expert. Please do not place your bets based on what I think or say!

I want to share with you my dreams and future projects. I will never stop thinking of ways ROLDA can improve, and strategies that will better benefit animals’ lives. I truly believe that the day we stop dreaming is the same day we start to die.

Please know that my views and comments here reflect my personal beliefs. Everyone at ROLDA, both here and abroad, have opinions that naturally vary. Everyone’s particular position is respected, and carefully considered. I strongly encourage you to share your ideas and experiences with me, and all of us at ROLDA. We never stop learning; we never stop improving. We will never give up on the millions of animals suffering terribly on Romanian streets, and in the death chambers that are government run “shelters”.