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The Power of One

You are the power that fuels our actions and dreams.
You are the one that empowered ROLDA to help 1407 animals during 2017.

And that’s not all. Together we have been able to raise the amount needed to keep the large sanctuary functional, money which was cut abusively by the steel plant when they ended up abusively the contractual agreement with ROLDA. For this abusive conduct, ROLDA started two legal actions against the steel giant, owned by one of the richest men on Earth, Lakshmi Mittal.

As months were passing, I couldn’t dare to make the math because I was so afraid we will never meet the goal. Imagine how hard it is to raise 100.000 from donations of 5, 10, 20, etc …but every little ads up and makes miracles for the needing ones. There is no doubt about it. In the past months, while preparing the annual report, I had the courage to add up numbers and the result brought tears in my eyes. We made it! We filled the gap …and managed to keep the large sanctuary going one whole year.

News about the trials ROLDA started against Mittal steel plant

Our lawyer estimates that both trials against the steel plant will end this year. I will have to repeat my request and ask you all for one more year of struggling for these dogs, abandoned in such a cruel way. They have no one else to rely on and without you, I am not as strong to continue for them. The trials consume my energy and make my life very stressful. Losing these trials is not an option, I must have faith in Romanian justice until the last moment.

I see how large sanctuary ‘kennels get rusty and needs vital repairs, which steel plant promised many years ago. The clinic’s building was constructed with serious problems because the steel plant hired a preferred company and didn’t care about the work’ quality. These are problems adding to daily stress. Problems that remain in ROLDA care to solve because the steel plant washes their hands in the most vicious, unprofessional way. They don’t care about the dogs – about our dogs, about the dogs remained on their property. They care to have a good image, to make a profit and that’s about all. How to have a good image when they abuse animals? Probably they hope to get away with it, using their influence.

Financial Corner

These graphics show you:

From 96%, the percentage of direct costs spent in Romania you will see that 61% goes to direct animal care, while only 4% to indirect costs.

A chart showing the sources of income in 2017 (64,6 % comes from Romania)                                       

A chart showing the sources of total income, generated outside Romania, where the leader is Australia with 40.05%

Bottom line, during 2018 we will have the outcomes of the trials and we will see if the justice function in Romania. If yes, many of our dreams will get the shape we dreamed about. If not, we will simply start all over again, because the dogs in our care are our responsibility and we simply can’t let them down.

In terms of progresses made in Romania, thanks to donations from our international offices and private donations, I am proud to report that, despite all the difficulties, the stress and tough period throughout this year, ROLDA managed to repair the roof of small sanctuary’ cottage, to increase the security of the clinic (protect better the investments purchased from donors money) which was subject of robbery twice in a year.

With a few exceptions, most of the severe medical cases survived and improved health condition very well. From saving dogs covered in tar, with skin problems, dehydrated, with broken bones, infected wounds, legs that need amputation – your donation of 1 or 1000 EUR was put at work and saved a soul in need. Saved a life!

Unfortunately, we lost Cara in the moment when she started to make visible progresses, walking again, using both her back legs. We also lost Bonnie and Clyde the two puppies who posed for the Christmas giving campaign.

All together, we have been able to help 1407 animals, including the 630 dogs and 1 donkey from large shelter and approx 40 dogs and 5 cats at small shelter. 35 cats and 214 dogs have been sterilized. Imagine how many kittens and puppies we prevented to born to suffer! We provided food aid for 228 dogs and 68 cats, all owned by low income families. Medical assistance was offered to 174 dogs, 7 donkeys and 5 horses.

1407 Big Thanks from 1407 Romanian animals that have been saved because of you!

Dana Costin

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