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Moving forward like winners do

Dear ROLDA supporters and friends,

I am looking forward to delivering you a summary of news from this year, that is about to end.

It is said that winners are always moving forward. In fact, this is what we have done every year, helped by people like you. And 2019 is not an exception.

Every time I am writing to you, I try to create a moment of inspiration, when I detach myself from the daily tasks, noise and stress from everyday problems. I go in my room—which we can fancy calling ROLDA office—and stare briefly at the blank white paper and I imagine you are in front of me. And at that moment, ideas keep coming because I have so much to tell you and I am so very proud of ROLDA’s accomplishments.

One of the things I want to start with is to thank you for being with us for another year, with your heart close to ROLDA and for generously offering from your own pocket, gifts that made our work possible.

ROLDA rescue missions in Romania are supported by people from all over the World, from Australia, United States, Canada, across Europe (and even some people located in Asia or South Africa), and we are equally grateful to each and all. If you want to make a contribution to ROLDA’s work, please click here (

You are amazing because, from all the hundreds of worthy animal charities, you choose to donate, trust and care for our organization. With respect to your donations, ROLDA makes efforts to keep the administrative (indirect) costs under 4%. I believe we are the only international charity that uses over 96 % of each donation for our rescued animals’ direct care, and avoids paying six-figure salaries to our directors and maximizing your support.

I am proud to report to you that ROLDA is the only charity in the World who fights in the Court of law for our dogs, defeating one of the largest steel companies and one of the richest men on this Planet. For our dogs, we have no fear and make no compromises, even if 3 years of trials drain our energy, time and left important marks in our lives.

The donations received from our supporters are primarily used for sheltering cost to properly house over 650 rescued dogs; for medical care for severely injured dogs like Bela; and expensive aftercare of dogs like Liberty. We also spend donations for veterinary complex examinations which make sure all dogs ready to be transported into forever homes are perfectly healthy.

In terms of investments, during 2019 ROLDA successfully manage to:

  • Purchase a new rescue van to replace the old one (it’s a Dacia van, Romanian brand, robust and viable).
  • Our caretakers handcrafted in their free time wooden dog beds for all the dogs from the large sanctuary to replace the chewed, old ones.

  • Purchased top quality Kuranda beds from the UK for the small shelter dogs.

  • Global Giving( platform where we started collecting funds for the sterilization campaigns as well as for the new cattery for senior and disabled cats (money is deposited until the full amount for phase one is completed).

In terms of our 2019 campaigns, ROLDA managed to continue to sterilize and microchip the pets from poor rural communities as well as make visits with our dogs to the largest retirement home in Galati, where 150 seniors enjoy moments in the company of our furry friends.

As some of you maybe already noticed, during this year, I tried to improve my professional fundraising skills and establish more efficient communication with our supporters.

In 2019, our team created a website in Romanian language, a website in French dedicated to our Swiss branch, a subsection of our main website where our supporters can find useful information in case they decide to mention ROLDA Romania (or any of its official branches) on their wills.

Our IT experts managed to finalize the website, where supporters from all over Europe can find a #roldadog to adopt, while supporters from all over the World can adopt at distance/sponsor one (or more).

In the Annual Report, you can find details about our activity in Romania, about our projects and current campaigns. I don’t want to overload you with numbers, but if you read my long message up to here, you are rewarded with this great news: End of 2019, ROLDA reached an important milestone. When I started ROLDA as a group back in early 2000, I dreamed the impossible and here we are, in 2019, helping 20,000 animals. Each animal was helped from your donations, with your time invested, your compassion and care. I can’t be more grateful for dedicating 20 years of my life to help animals in need in Romania.

The animals in Romania, especially from the poor areas, as Galati is, need you the most.

Neglected, abused, injured strays; cats and dogs owned by people with low or no income in rural areas; farm animals especially working animals like donkeys and horses, abandoned when they can’t work anymore; none of these voiceless friends would have access to medical care or food, if you didn’t care to help us to be here for them.

I want to thank our ROLDA caretakers for their year-round efforts, to the ROLDA international team starting with the board members who trust me and affiliate leaders who bare my constant demands when I want more and better, faster.

You are my heroes and I hope to have you for many more years to come, by ROLDA’s side – for as long as you will be satisfied with our work.

Thank you for helping ROLDA move forward. Together, we help Romanian animals stay alive with dignity, be well cared, treated, respected and adopted into forever homes. Together, we help them have a better and safe future.

We help them become winners, defeating a harsh, unfriendly environment and an unfair destiny. Thank you for being a “life-changing” maker!

With respect and hope,

PS. Don’t forget that your donation is gratefully accepted all year round. Please click here ( to send your generous support to Romanian animals in need. Thank you.

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