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First article

My first challenge…where ever do I begin? What should I write about in my first post on this blog? How can I keep you interested and eager to read on?

I was at a loss. On the one hand, I reflected that the most Important subjects are “too important” to be mentioned in an introduction blog. But on the other hand, were less important projects not “important enough” to start with? I did neither. Instead, I decided to share with you all why I created this blog, and then connected it with ROLDA’s official website.

It seems like everyone has a blog these days…and it may be true. But this isn’t my reason for sharing thoughts and stories with you. ROLDA and the care of our dogs is certainly the most important mission in my life. But there are times that I wish to write about something that may not be directly connected to ROLDA’s activities. Sometimes, I just want to “vent”; I want to escape to consider everything else that goes on in our world. It clears my head, and allows me to tackle ROLDA’s daily issues from a fresh perspective, with a rejuvenated, clear mind.

I considered using some social networks, but these often only allow very short posts to be read. This blog will give me the freedom to address my audience, and our supporters briefly, or at length. I can comment on various things, giving you the opportunity to learn something of my beliefs and my passions; the things I dislike or hate, and why. If you have feedback, we are always open to new ideas and free communication at ROLDA